Thursday, 14 March 2013

On the move

We are moving, a week today and chaos has arrived!  We have been going through are possessions, questioning do we really need this? when was the last time we looked at it? is it worth keeping? Its amazing how much stuff you can accumulate, how much stuff we thought was a good idea and the just in case stuff.  So before you know it, Project Clear Out comes.
Over the past 6 months we have done lots of sorting, sale sites, car boots, charity and dump runs.  Getting rid of the clutter and getting ship shape for viewings.  All those little jobs that you've put off become completed.  I like living in house viewing state - however its not easy to maintain with 4 boys and a husband. We are moving into rental accommodation so we want to travel light as we could move again till we find the right home.  We think we've streamlined our stuff but the reality of boxing it all up seems quite daunting.  It not just the size of it but packing up the memories and saying goodbye...
Jon and I have lived on Southcoast for almost 15 years now.  I did university here, we started careers here, we got married, had our children and bought our home here.  This is also where we met Jesus and became part of church.  We have lots of memories here, some of our darkest and happiest moments.  This is where we have really grown as adults.  There are lots of things we will miss, the beach, Sunnys chip shop (our favourite take away chip shop), the shops, the parks and green spaces... Of course we will also really miss our friends, the familiarity and our church family.  This is our first church family.  We have been blessed with some very close friends over the years and will be hard to leave them.
God has been great at providing different people through each life stage to come alongside us and friends to keep us company along the way but now its time for a new chapter.  The doors have closed here and we're ready for the next step. The next step being Farnborough in Hampshire.  This is originally where we are from and believe this is where God wants us now.  We are looking forward to the move and our new adventure.  It is painful to say goodbye although I've not had that much time to think about it, as busy sorting out the house ready to move, removal companies, solicitors, rental property, running down the freezer/food, leaving farewells and not to mention the complicated maze of the education system.  Amongst all of this, still being mum and wife and dealing with the everyday.  Its certainly a busy season and looking forward to the next chapter, trusting in our faithful God!

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