Saturday, 30 June 2012

My Baby is 2!

Well my youngest is now 2 - i can't quite believe it, where has that time gone? We didn't celebrate it on the actual day (as daddy was working away in London) so we saved it for the weekend.  It was very strange doing nothing on the actual day but at 2 years old we could easily get away with it and daddy really wanted to be part of the celebrations!

We celebrated with lots of presents, cards, Mcdonalds visit and then a trip to Gus Gorillas, Poole Park.  He absolutly loves balls and this play area has the most ball pits.  We had dinner and a Peppa Pig birthday cake (his next big love) - the cake didn't look great but tasted good.  We all enjoyed his special day!

 My Little Baby is a fully fledged Toddler!

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