Thursday, 13 June 2013

Time to get organised - Housework

I know and I can hear the groans - yuck housework - however its one of those things that has to get done whether you enjoy it or not.  Everyone has a different standard or interpretation of housework and for me this standard has had to evolve up or down, over the years.  I thought i'd write about what I do as I have struggled to find a happy medium between living and housework...

I would love to live in a show home.  I would love for the glass and windows to be spotless, that there was no dust anywhere, silverware and ornaments all shiny and clean, no spec of anything on the floor, everything in its place, the air always filled with sweet aromas and the cushions plumped and neatly arranged. I would love that hovering would normally mean moving all the furniture out and in all the crevices. However there is absolutely no way I could achieve this without driving myself and family insane or without moving out after the housework was completed.  We live far from my ideal but that doesn't mean we live in a filthy pigsty...

I like to try and do a full clean once a week, as I found when spreading it all out I just don't feel it is clean.  I prefer to do it at the beginning of the week.  I then do the adhoc bits throughout the week.  I used to have a set day for doing it all but atm life doesn't allow for that so I have to be flexible on the day.  There are lots of pinterest boards on how to keep your house clean in 15/20 mins a day, if you are after some tips.

I have found over the years I have been a slave to the house - ie prioritising a cleanly house over other things in our life.  I know this might sound odd to some but I feel real unrest if the house is messy or dirty.  I hate the idea of having people over if the house is not done.  I can become really irritable.  However, having a clean and immaculate house comes at a price.  This means devoting your time to keeping it that way.  Having a show home, house does not work with our large family (they demand a lot of my time) and I have had to compromise on what I'd like, verses what has to be done.   

Sometimes the week doesn't allow for housework ie sickness, new babies or children in general etc so I can hold out till the following week (survival mode) to do it but anymore and it really does effect me. 

I have prayed about it and I'm a lot better now than I was.  Housework may seem like a weird thing to pray about but I felt trapped by what I wanted it to be and what I could achieve.  I would feel guilty that it wasn't as good as it should be for a stay at home mum.  By nature I am a perfectionist and have an idea in my head of what the perfect home should be so I am often quite hard on myself when I can't achieve it.  I am also quite sensitive to comments on my housekeeping due to this perfectionist ideal.

The power of prayer does work as I do have the freedom to leave it and the acceptance that in this season, this is not my priority.  I can have people over if I have not done a full house clean without the worry of their judgement.  I know I have done what I can and I don't mind if they really wish to do whatever task they have found in need. 

I had to really look and think about what a house is and what makes a home.  I think that this is different to everyone.  We live in our house (the building) but its the people that make it home.  It has taken me a while to work out the balance between having a lovely home that we want to be in and spend time together creating memories verses an untouchable controlled home fit for photo's only.  Discussing with my husband to find out his views on what's important to him and finding out how others run the housework in their homes has helped too.  I still get a bit envious about entering a very clean show type of home but I keep reminding myself that it all comes in seasons and right now I have different priorities, the time to have my home just the way I want it, will come one day.  After all I am more than just a house keeper!

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