Saturday, 30 March 2013

Settling in...

We have moved! Yes it has actually happened and we are now living in Farnborough again.  It doesn't yet feel like home, it feels like a weird holiday where we take all our possessions and make them fit in a new place.  Although we have lived here before, it has changed and things are not where they used to be and as we're now at a different life stage, we look/need for different things.  I think it will take a while before it feels like home.
The move itself was quite eventful... well for me, the children and our cat.  The cat did not travel well and kept soiling her box, which meant we had to pull over and clean it all up.  Also there was an accident which meant we were stuck on the motorway with a horrendous smell and most of us wanting to throw up... Instead of the journey taking just over an hour, it took 3.  Then we were met with the delight of the unloading and not having the correct keys.  It felt like a very long day....
However we were blessed with helpers and a meal, a food shop and babysitters for the children - the pleasure of having family nearby :) The snow was definitely a surprise and i feel like its pretty much snowed everyday since we moved here.  Just little flurries, which seem to tie in with the school run really well.  Which is another blessing, N & J both got school places and were able to start straight away.  It is a lovely school - well as far as I can tell after a week.  It is not a faith based school, as we had previously. I will miss the traditions and the understanding of faith but it is still a very caring and nurturing school.   
It took about a week to unpack all boxes and get the house straight.  It feels nice having some of our pictures up (don't want to make too many holes in the wall) and to be organised.  I hate the chaos of not knowing where everything is and mess being everywhere.  Changing all our address details and registering with new doctors/dentists means we've probably spent a good day on just admin. As I type this, I have just remembered I haven't changed the hospital details - a job for the 'to do' list for later..

Its certainly been a busy couple of weeks but now its time for our Easter celebrations, thankful for what we have, what Jesus has done and for new beginnings!
John 3:15 For God loved the world so much, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life

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