Saturday, 28 July 2012

Well, Week 1 of the summer hols is over! we've survived.  I thought I'd blog about what we've been upto and share some photos.  This week we've had amazing weather so....

Monday - Beach day with friends at Hamworthy Park
Tuesday - Walk and play at Bourne Valley, playing at home, making cakes and the paddling pool.
Wednesday -  Vets, boys cashed in on their pennies and was allowed to spend their money. N bought a big Chelsea bun and B a crab fishing net. Then met with friends at Sandbanks Beach
Thursday - Crab Fishing then home to paddling pool
Friday - Walk and play at Bourne Vally, meeting with friends at the pirate themed park (Canford Cliffs)

I guess we've been out lots but after what feels like months and months of rain and grey, enjoying the sunshine and the heat was an opportunity not to be missed.

Its been quite a hard week for B as he finds it very difficult to adjust from school life to home life and being on summer holidays, due to his ASD.  We have used sequence cards before we have left home to explain what we are doing and when we'll be coming home.  This helps him close the loop on his communication.  I have found it stressful as he expects me to structure every minute of the day (similar to school) and when i can't or am attending to another child's needs, inevitably the meltdowns start.  There are issues everyday, normally I'll plan the big things but forget the little things and that's when problems arise. He is adjusting to life at home but its hard work so we've been using the timeout spot and reward charts for our 3 older children.  I prefer the use of positive rewards to encourage good behaviour.  Also it is a good parenting aid, making sure I'm being mindful to catch them doing good and to praise them for it...

Toffee taking N for a walk

Building with marshmellows and dried spaghetti (quite tricky)

My handsome bunch!

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