Friday, 22 July 2011

Turning 1

Well my little L is now 1. The baby days are behind us and toddlerhood is where we are! Well my L still seems like a baby, as he's not yet walking, but it won't be long...

I found L turning 1 really hard, he's my baby and I didn't want to let go.  Also we believe he will be our last child so I think I found him turning 1, really emotional - to the point of grieving it.  I know God may have a different plan for us but we're thinking our family is complete for now.  I have really enjoyed the baby stage but its time to start embracing toddlerhood.  I love seeing him grow and develop and turning 1 is a time for celebration! The first year of their lives is amazing.  They grow so much and as parents we go through so much caring for them.  Its very physical and can be really demanding but they are so worth it.  I think when they reach 1, its a milestone that deserves to be celebrated!

We have celebrated each of our childrens 1st birthdays.  We generally have a party with family or their little friends.  We didn't have a party when N turned 1, as Jons nan had just passed, so we went out with our family and had a birthday meal instead.  I was also pregnant with J so we announced the arrival of baby number 3 coming, so it was a memorable and happy event during a sad time.

I love doing childrens birthday parties.  When they are young its so simple, you can choose the party theme and get creative.  They're happy whatever you do! For L we went for a bright colourful jungle theme.  I then made his cake based on this.  I am not a brilliant cake maker but enjoy decorating and having a go.  My older children get excited about choosing what cake they would like for their birthdays and helping to design it. For a 1 year old party, I decorate the room with banners and balloons, make simple finger food they can eat, make up party bags and make them a cake.  I don't do party games, as its a bit beyond them and is more just a social time celebrating together.

We tried to get L to open his presents but he wasn't too interested, however he had some eager older brothers to help him out.  We already have lots of toys so we just got a few presents for him and saved the money for him.  When each of our children have turned 1, we have bought them a special - build a bear.  We record a special message for them and its inserted into the bear.  L has a little cat named pussy-chops!  This is how we turn 1 in the James family!

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