Wednesday, 31 October 2012

My boy is 9!

How quickly the time passes, my eldest child is now 9! He is in almost double figures.... Well actually he was 9 at the beginning of October but only now just caught up :)
B has been very excited about his birthday and has told anyone he's had contact with, all about it.  He has been so looking forward to it that I was beginning to worry that he'd be disappointed it wouldn't live up to his expectations! I even sat down with him to find out what exactly he was hoping for - thankfully his tastes are simple and he was really excited and pleased with everything. (Phew!)
His birthday fell on a school day, Friday.  He awoke several times in the night and eventually came into us fully dressed for school at about 5am in the morning, complaining of stomach pains.  He was so highly excited/anxious that he worked himself into a state.  Jon laid with him and calmed him and we got up at a more manageable time.  Even though it was a rocky start he had a great day.  He enjoyed his presents (mainly moshi's and lego) and his special breakfast.  He had a good day at school with his friends.  I made him a party packed lunch with his favourite foods in and he chose the dinner and pudding for the day.  He was beaming.
This year we decided to do a party for him on the following Saturday.  He's not had a party in quite a few years.  We have had a friend or 2 back for tea or we've done an activity together.  Parties can be hard work when you have ASD as its a lot to process and we didn't think he'd enjoy the traditional party as much.  This year took a small group of friends (10 very excited young boys) and they went to Laserquest in Bournemouth.  As Laserquest has a minimum height requirement, his 2 younger brothers could not attend which meant daddy had to organise and run the party by himself - first time.  I appreciate that Laserquest is noisy with lots of lights etc but its also a game with a purpose, that is played in short bursts with breaks inbetween, which suits our son.  He couldn't manage a day of it but 2 games were plenty for him.
They had a great time and we made sure B had low arousal setting for the rest of the afternoon to help him.  I made him a Wurley moshi monster cake, which he was very excited to eat and share with his friends.  My husband did a good job at the party and we had happy children!
That's all our childrens birthdays done for this year! Roll on Christmas :)


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