Friday, 24 May 2013

Money Saving on Food

Feeding a large family, we always look for ways to save some pennies but to still eat nutritionally well.  These are some of the tips we look to save money.  It does mean spending a bit more time on your weekly shopping but it depends how much you want to save.  Please feel free to share your tips and cheap family recipes with me too!

1. Meal Planning. This really helps to save money - buying only what is needed and making a list.
2. Shop around for the best price - type your shopping list in here and it will show you which supermarket is cheapest for you across Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Ocado, plus it also works out how you can save money by switching brands or if you have missed any multiple offers.  At the end you can transfer your trolley to the store or you can choose to print out your list, or a comparison list to get the best deals across all the supermarkets.
3. Making your own bread. Yes it takes a bit of time but you get much nicer bread for cheaper which is not stuffed with nasty's.
4. Milk deliveries, to stop those sneaky add on mid week shopping trips
5. Making meals from scratch, whilst can take longer it is healthier.
6. Bulk buy, on really good deals
7. Join supermarket loyalty schemes
8. Use google to search for discounts/online free delivery codes
9. Use branded credit cards to collect additional points and pay balance off at the end of the month.
10. Check and compare against lidls/aldis/Iceland/99p store.  Maybe shop at each different supermarket per week to make sure you stock up on their deals/discounts on the food you normally use.

There are bound to be lots of other ways to save money and i'm always looking for tips (living with all these males, food disappears quickly).  Please feel free to forward me your tips too!

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  1. I find portion control helps too.
    So with expensive £4.99 Cathedral Cheddar I use a cheese slicer which does really thin slices and with Aaron's expensive bubble bath instead of just tipping it in, I make two small puddles in my palm, and run those, just those, under the tap.
    Being short on dosh is new to me, but now being out of work for 11 months for the first time in 24 years, I am trying my best to watch EVERY penny.
    Liska x