Friday, 18 July 2014

Birthday Time Again

A few weeks have passed since our youngest child's (L) birthday and he is still talking about his special day with a big smile on his face and is full of anticipation for his next birthday.  I love purposefully planting happy memories and love that he was so taken by his day. I enjoy planning my children's birthdays and taking time out to really think about my child, what they would like and how I can make them feel special.  L joining our family was a very special time for us and definitely worthy of a celebration - we are so thankful for him!
Typically, we will ask the child what they would like for their birthday - present wise and how they would like to celebrate.  Sometimes they would like a party, other times they want an experience or a meal out.  The birthday child chooses the meals for the day, tells me the cake he'd like and has unlimited computer time (that's the only time, so is very special to them). They are normally busy enjoying other things to be clued to the screen all day anyway.
L chose coco pops for breakfast and party food.  He loves Ben 10, so wanted a Ben 10 cake and party theme.  (He also loves skylanders swapforce).  Personally, I would rather a pirate theme or a younger character but its his day so he gets to chose and I have to accept he's growing up - even though he is just 4.  He really wanted to have a party this year with his friends. This year he has been invited to quite a few friends from preschool parties and has been patiently waiting for his turn.  He didn't have any grand ideas for a party, just that he wanted one.  He doesn't have a massive group of friends so a soft play type of party we ruled out due to numbers and decided to do a party in the garden with a few of his friends and our family.
As I said before, Ben 10 not my favourite but it is L's, parties are a  great time to get really creative.  Pinterest can give you lots of ideas on little touches on the theme to make it stand out.  If you can't make their brilliant ideas or have the time, someone is normally selling the product on Ebay.  I managed to get a great deal on Ben 10 tableware at party pieces so I decided to do that.  I also read Annabell Karmels party planner book and took to making the food as creative as possible (for me).  Sandwiches I made in advance and froze, cupcakes I bought value and then decorated with L, sausages bought precooked but presented in a fun way.  This way I didn't spend ages prepping food.  I made his cake from scratch but bought a paper cake topper of Ben 10 from Ebay.  The running order of the party went:
Hello and welcome
Decorating biscuits
Free play - I had football goals and water play table set up in the garden along with balloons and we have a trampoline
Party games - musical chairs (that did not go well - not quite old enough), pin the tail, traffic lights, musical statues and pass the parcel
Food and Cake
After the food, L and his friends played with his toys inside as it was getting too hot outside.

Party bags were simple, cake, balloon, sweets, sticker and a small gift. Party prizes were a sweet from the tin.  It was easy to clear up as they spent most of their time in the garden.  We did the party in the morning and the afternoon, more family came to visit and he opened presents through the day. 
Looking forward to the next one!
Below is L eating a white chocolate covered marshmallow dipped in sprinkles.


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