Friday, 17 April 2015

The Easter Break

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter Break! I thought I would blog today about how our Easter break was spent.  I have recently been completely wiped out (virus) so was looking forward to a break from the norm.

Good Friday - We did our readings from the resurrection eggs, we had hot cross buns for lunch and we prayed and reflected on the cross, what it means to us.  We talked about sin, what it means, where it comes from.  Today we were staining the wood for our kids new bed and we went out to eat for dinner as a family.

Saturday - We opened the empty egg and talked about how Jesus followers must have felt.  We were still in reflection mode but we know that Sunday is coming.  We did Easter themed crafts to decorate the house ready for tomorrow. Today Jon and my dad made the boys bed.

Easter Sunday - Celebration day!  Today I was serving in worship so it meant how we normally do Easter Sunday had to change.  The children were still really excited but I had to be at church for 8am so there was no time to prepare beforehand.  Whilst I was helping Jon prepped a sweet dough in the bread maker. We all had a great time at church together.  The children had lots of fun doing various activities and crafts and we had a great time worshipping and hearing from God.  When we got back home, we had a light lunch and made resurrection rolls (we normally have these for breakfast at Easter).  The kids enjoy making the bread and taking their Jesus (marshmallow) dipping him in herbs and oil (melted butter then into the cinnamon and sugar mix) they then wrap him in the dough (the robes) and place in the oven (tomb) for 15mins and then once they have cooled slightly they open them up and see Jesus has risen (marshmallow has melted). I then prepped the lamb dinner and we had an Easter egg hunt.  The boys get Easter eggs from us and the family.  We take it in turns to hide each others eggs, so everyone gets a turn in finding their eggs.  We couldn't do a free for all hunt as the ASD child wouldn't be able to cope.  It all has to be planned and he needs to know what he is getting in advance as he does not like surprises.  This is our normal.  Once dinner has been eaten, they are allowed to choose an egg and eat it all if they wish.  The rest get saved into their sweetie bags (yes they still have sweets and chocs left over from Christmas).  We all sat down and watched a film together.
First week of the hols:
L has graduated from a toddler bed and now he shares a triple bunk with his other 2 brothers. Monday we spent finishing off their room and chilling out (we were all quite tired from the day before).
Tuesday - Jon was back to work and we did the housework together.  I think its good to teach the boys how to do jobs (yes it would be quicker to do it myself) but they do earn extra computer time if they do it properly and with a good attitude - which they did.  However, come the afternoon I felt like a peacekeeper as fights seemed to break out all the time!
Wednesday - Today we celebrated The Zones 1st birthday.  We had a great time at the party with other autistic families.  I feel confident to take the boys here by myself and most of the time its successful... when its not, we are not judged but help is offered.
Thursday - My lovely friend helped me take the boys to their dentist apt (it was a rough pre morning) but the visit went well and we went to the park afterwards.
Friday - Jon works from home.  Its great to have an extra pair of eyes and hands around.  We decided to have a family BBQ in the afternoon, enjoying the lovely sunshine.
The weekend:- I help run The Zone Saturday session and on Sunday Jon served on the PA team at church.  In between this we rested.
Week 2:
Monday - Chill out day! Today we did nothing and it was great.  The boys seemed to get on well and spent the day on the trampoline, playing football, colouring in plants v zombie pictures (thanks to free colouring pages from the internet) watching TV, reading and of course their computer time.
Tuesday - Housework challenge.  The boys did really well and earned their extra time - only problem was the server went down... luckily they accepted being able to eat from their sweetie bags instead.  I was feeling brave in the afternoon and took them to the park (near our home) by myself - we survived! Might seem odd to some but sometimes these little trips out can end really badly for us.
Wednesday - Zone Day.  The boys really enjoy playing games, the go-carts and the bouncy castle. Child number 2 had a moment towards the end but we did get home and had some quiet time to calm down. This is normally the TV.
Thursday - We went to Frensham great pond with my lovely friend and helper.  The boys loved playing at the beach and dipping in the water.  They also enjoyed yummy ice-creams, aka bribery to get them to come home.  We also found out J will be going to the same junior school as N is September :)
Friday - I took the 3 older boys donutting with The Zone.  We go with The Zone as they hire the whole slope out and I know I will be with others who have similar children.  They normally really enjoy these sessions but child number 2 kicked off before we got going (helmet worries) and child number 1 kicked off during the event, so we had to call it a day. Thankfully Jon works from home on Fridays so it was easier to separate the children and as child 3 (got the brunt of child 1) we made chocolate brownies together, which he loves - well any food, he loves :)
So that has been our Easter holidays - I have really enjoyed not getting up early, not remembering who needs what kit on what day for whichever club they are doing, no school pick up juggling acts, no homework battles, fun activities, spending time with my boys, celebrating Easter and the beautiful weather!


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