Friday, 28 October 2011

Half term...

I am currently experiencing a very busy season - time is moving so fast.  I'm running around like a madman, time has become so precious and it disappears quickly! We have just landed into half term and I thought this would be a slow paced week but it turns out even though I didn't really plan anything, there is much to do!

During this half term we have felt the full force of the blustery October winds at hamworthy beach, a movie afternoon (popcorn and Narnia) to recover from being blown to pieces! Tuesday we met with a friend, as well as place a carpet order, followed by a lovely birthday party lunch with friends. Wednesday was the Tank museum day - its these kinds of activities I wish I had girls instead, but I know the boys enjoyed it so therefore its worth it (tanks are not my thing), Thursday my little N had his friend over to play and Friday I was moving Little Gators from the hall to the church, with lots of help, including my boys!

Before I knew it, half term gone and back on the landslide to Christmas - which reminds me I have shopping to do and fit in somewhere???? Long gone are those care-free summer holidays but its certainly a busy and full life being a wife and mother....

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