Saturday, 4 February 2012

My Birthday Boy

Well this week is son number 2s birthday! As previously posted, i have been out buying weapons and this week we have had the pleasure of giving them to him.

N is now 6! He woke early and all the boys managed to get ready and beds made amazingly quickly (much quicker than a normal day) so we could all go downstairs to do presents and share in the special breakfast!  N's choice was fresh fruit with French toast - very yummy. I made him a special packed lunch for school complete with birthday message and a chocolate muffin. He had sweets to hand out at the end of the day for his school friends. For dinner he chose cheesy pasta - his favourite - and i made moshi monster cupcakes for his birthday (Its Blingo, Diavlo, Tiamo, Penny and Jeepers).  He received lots of presents and phone calls from family.

The weekend was N's party day.  Nanny and Grandad came to visit and we went to Monkey Business - which is where we held his party.  I have done lots of parties at home and originally this was the plan - however as the date drew closer, the idea of entertaining 30 school children became a bit overwhelming. We have been so busy in clearing up and repairing after the flood, house jobs have taken up all our spare time so were feeling in need of a rest.  So decided a few close friends to a play centre, that takes care of everything, would be a lot less stressful.  It also meant his birthday continued on a bit longer and he got to choose a party cake.  He really liked J's sweetie cake so we decided on a chocolate version.

We don't always do parties for our children.  We celebrate in different ways.  For N we had done a few family parties and last year we had the opportunity to go to Eurodisney for his birthday.  This year we decided a friends party at a soft play centre because we like to celebrate, he likes it there and his brothers have had a few friends party - so felt it was N's turn. He had a great time.  We had a relaxing afternoon whilst Noah opened his presents and later we went out to dinner with Nanny and Grandad.  We went to Frankie and Bennies and they did a little brownie cake with candle and sung 'Happy Birthday'.

I believe he felt very special and has had lots of fun.  I enjoy celebrating their birthdays - our children are a special gift and i like them to know they are precious and special to us.  Its not possible for us to do this all the time, so i enjoy planning the special occasions for them - anyway Christians should be having the most fun as we have a great reason! 

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