Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Royal Fun

Well living in a house full of boys, watching the Royal wedding meant I had to plan it out...  The way to my boys hearts is their tummy! We woke up early and kept reminding them that we were watching history in the making! We made our own flags and decorated princely crowns.  Just before the actual wedding, the boys dressed up as princes and I dressed up as a princess (put on my wedding dress).  The boys were most interested in playing camps in my dress but I did get to watch it in peace - ish.  I loved it, beautiful ceremony, beautiful day.

After the wedding, we had a cream tea.  N loves cucumber sandwiches just like me, so it was nice to share in this with him whilst the others had jam.  The boys loved the scones with cream and jam.  Jon and I were able to talk to our sons about marriage and share with them our special day.  Its fun to create memories for our children and we hope they'll look back in years to come at this event fondly...

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