Monday, 2 May 2011

Failing Easter?

This year, Easter in our house did not go as I would have liked it.  Last year, each Sunday, from lent, we had family time with planned activities.  We spent time going over what happened to Jesus and why.  We celebrated Holy week and made a model of the tomb.  We took communion as a family, we enjoyed hot cross buns and talked about why we do what we do at Easter in remembrance.  Easter Sunday morning was a time of celebration and prayer.  We went to church, we did an Easter egg hunt, we prayed, had fun and watched a film about Easter together.  It felt good to celebrate as a family and use the gifts of planning God gave me for Him.

This year, lent came and went, and although I was thinking about Easter I didn't really make the time to do family activities.  I kept putting it off thinking I'll start it next week, or well its too late now we'll do it at Holy week.  I served at the kids holiday at our church the first week of Easter and then we went away for the second week as our boiler was being installed. I had thought about doing readings each morning with children during holy week.  This didn't happen, as it took a while to settle the children at Nanny's and Grandads whilst we were away.  Good Friday was spent travelling home and then it was bedtime.  Before I knew it Easter was here and I had a whole list of excuses as to why I was so busy and hadn't used this oppertunity to teach our children.  I would never dream of being so busy to miss Christmas, so what had happened? I still love Jesus...

I learnt more about Gods grace! We still celebrated Easter and it was good!  We had fun at Kids holiday club and had a fantastic week away.  (I went with the boys as Jon had to work and be here for the plumber).  We really needed the break and the kids loved being with family.  When we got home, we talked about Jesus and the cross.  We shared hot cross buns on Saturday instead and named it Sad Saturday as we talked about what had happened.  Easter Sunday we woke up and shared a lovely breakfast together.  We read the bible and prayed together.  We went to church and listened to a great sermon on Easter.  It was refreshing and just what I needed to hear.  Easter is a new beginning.  We still had our Easter egg hunt and the children enjoyed watching a film, whilst eating their eggs.  It wasn't all about chocolate and not quite as focused on Jesus as I would of liked. 

Its not our traditions that will bring our children to Jesus but God alone who saves.  This year we had to rely not on the rituals we created but rely on Gods grace, to teach our children.  I am thankful for the freedom I have in Christ.  I am thankful I do not need to feel or remain guilty in 'not doing things properly'.  I do not have to feel ashamed I failed to plan out Easter. I am thankful I can confess, repent of my sin and be forgiven.  I am thankful for new beginnings! Next year I plan to plan it out as Easter is important to us.  Jesus died on the cross for my sins, defeated death and rose to life.  This is worth the time and effort in creating traditions for my family in remembrance.  It is not by our works we are saved, we know this, but we want to bring honour to God and direct our children to Jesus, not just by our words but how we live out our faith.  

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