Thursday, 16 June 2011

Baby Days... Pregnancy

Well my little one is almost 1 now.  I feel kind of sad that he's moving from the baby-baby stage to the toddler stage.  (I think they're still classed as babies until 2 years old ).  I'm just sad to say goodbye to this stage as I have loved it!  I keep thinking back to this time last year I was...

So I thought I would share some of my 'lessons learned' during babyhood.  I'm going to start with pregnancy...
    1. I have had different pregnancies (shape, size and sickness levels) and they have all been boys - do not listen to old wives tales!
    2. My first was early and each baby after that was later - do not listen to old wives tales!
    3. Curries, pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, long walks and sex do not bring on labour - baby will come when its time!
    4. God is the giver of life - so don't think you can control the sex and when baby will be born/conceived
    5. I put on weight
    6. I get grumpy - alot - I should have given myself a break, its hard work making a baby and I should have chilled out more.  I should have prioritised what was really important and not cared about the housework etc!
    7. Take Photo's of your growing bump - its an amazing journey to look back on.
    8. Prepare yourself for labour and having a new born.  By this I mean rest up and research.  Go to the antenatal classes.
    9. Do not plan major DIY projects during or just after this time - hormones and DIY are not a good combination
    10. Enjoy it, enjoy it, enjoy it! Indulge in pamper treats and make it as happy a time as you can.  I did miss my bumps, the excitement of it all and wanted to be pregnant again, even though I seemed to spend most of the pregnancy hurrying it along to meet baby.

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