Sunday, 11 September 2011

Birthday time again!

My little J is 4! I love planning and thinking about my childs birthday.  I really enjoy celebrating the day they were born, remembering what precious gifts they are!

J decided he would like to go to the beach for his birthday, with family and just a couple of friends.  We hired a beach hut, prayed for good weather and had a great day.

In our family, we ask the birthday child what present they would like, how they would like to celebrate their birthday, the cake they would like and they get to choose the meals for the day.  This is our tradition.  The boys always look forward to it.  As Jon was working away we chose to celebrate J's birthday on the weekend.  We opened presents and decorated the house with banners and balloons (decorating the house has also become part of the tradition).  He wanted a sweetie cake so I made one for him.  Birthday child chooses/helps design their birthday cake.  We had a great day, we built sandcastles, collected shells and played in the freezing water followed by some birthday treats and cakes in the hut.

On the actual day, J opened all his cards and a couple of presents we had saved for him.  He chose the breakfast (malties sprinkled with jelly babies) and we all prayed thanks for him and told him something we loved about him.  Thankfully he chose a normal lunch and we had cheesey pasta for dinner (the current boys favourite meal) We made a chocolate cake in the afternoon which he had for pudding, along with the traditional candles.  He went to bed feeling really loved which is what we wanted to achieve. Its not about expensive gifts or elaborate parties, just simple fun and love!

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