Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Here we go again!

The summer holidays went quickly and I really enjoyed them. I loved having fun days out with my boys and loved having my husband home for 2 weeks. The last week of the holidays I tried to have as many lazy days as possible and get myself planning and thinking about the weeks ahead.  I didn't want to feel sad that the holidays were over but try and look forward to whats to come.

September is often a time of new beginning, new school term new class etc, which in 'mummy world' means new friends and helping your children deal with changes (as well as dealing with them yourself).  Whilst we were away at Westpoint - Newfrontiers camping weekend with our church - we really felt God asking us to examine where we were at and to push forward in Him.  Terry Virgo gave a preach on stepping out of Babylon - stepping out from the culture around us - and to live for God.  I can't actually explain it all and give it the justice it deserves, so please click here to listen to the sermon.

My husband and I really felt challenged about what we have been putting first in our lives.  We want to make a change and consciously put God first.  We believe in God and Jesus, yet how we have spent our time would not suggest this, we can do more.  We have decided that we will have no TV except for 2 nights a week (one for ironing night and the other for relaxing too) so that we can make more time for God, one another and the things we actually want to do.  Managing our time well is our first step (plus not feeding our mind with TV and feeding it with Gods word is certainly a bonus!)  So our new beginning is to start to learn more about God and His will for us.

This hasn't been easy.  Since we've been back, Jon has been away, a week at a time with work, but we still press on knowing we have a loving and gracious God.  For the children... Well first day back at school has been filled with nasty rain and wind, (enough to make anyone head for the duvet) but to school they went and drenched is what we became. They had some wobbles but on the whole OK, just like us.

So here we go again, a new season and time to go deeper with God!

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