Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Toddler Love

Well my youngest is 18 months and is in full swing of life.  I love him to bits!  I love how he is so curious to explore life and is in to everything.  To him, everything is an adventure and needs to be explored/tasted or climbed on - sometimes all 3 at the same time.  Its a different routine that's now needed, to keep him out of mischief, safe and entertained.

Keeping him safe, yet allowing him to explore.  Teaching him rights and wrongs, as well as letting him experience life.  He points, waves, dances, climbs, moves, says a few words, does animal noises and sings.  Everything is approached in full throttle with lots of energy.  He is a bit shy around other adults, preferring the company of mummy and daddy but hoping this clingy stage won't last long.  I love how he climbs onto your lap and says 'row row'  letting you know 'now' is the time for 'row row your boat' - regardless of your plans.  I love how he happily hugs and kisses you and is delighted to see you.  I love seeing life through his eyes.

This stage has so many adorable moments but is also very time consuming.  Tasks have to be laid aside until later or take twice the time (as you involve them), your eyes and ears are on the look out constantly, as you keep your curious toddler safe.  Its also a time of training, both for myself in consistency and for him in learning to obey.  This will be an ongoing lesson... even as an adult I'm still learning to obey God and not rely on my own self dependence.

I have recently read - Jo Frosts 'Confident Toddler Care' - this book is brilliant and takes you through every aspect of toddler hood.  I was dubious at first (i borrowed the book from the library) as I didn't like her supernanny book.  This is because I didn't find it helpful, easy to apply or inspiring but this book is different - much better. 

Jo Frost also recommends certain toys and books, helpfully categorised by ages for the under 5s, which I also agree with too (i have read quite a few children's books and played with a lot of toys).  Even though I'm 4th time round into toddler hood, i really enjoyed this book.  It was not patronising but clear, detailed and interesting. I like how she casually included in each section what to expect for each age.  A lot of the topics and ideas in the book, i have learnt along my parenting journey (wish she'd written the book earlier to save on some mistakes) but also some new things to try, as I seek to improve my parenting skills.  The book has inspired me in parenting my 2 under 5s with new enthusiasm!  With so many resources/books now available, I have found this the most helpful and the most thorough, from emotional journeys and routines to eating, discipline to sleeping, fussy eating to potty training - She has covered all the bases!  Its a book I'd refer to again and keep on the book shelf.  If you have the opportunity to read it - do!

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