Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Week 3!

Well week 3 and things are begining to settle a little... This week has been quite a go slow week in terms of not being out and about.

Monday - playing at home with afternoon swimming lesson
Tuesday - not feeling too bright today so had a dvd and play at home day
Wednesday - Family fun at Poole town centre, they did craft, salt stone carving, circus skills with a picnic lunch in town.
Thursday - Lucas had temp and we had to wait in for virgin install.  We did a craft marathon and in the afternoon the boys were happy to play with the new TV package
Friday - Moors Valley and Library

It was quite nice to have a slower week especially as B is getting more into being at home now.  Although I still have to plan lots of activities, he wasn't as restless and the meltdowns are becoming less frequent.  I have also discovered he enjoys craft activities so we have been busy making lots of things, painting, sticking and paper aeroplane competitions.  One of my favourite things is getting a pile of books and reading them to the children.  N likes to read to his younger brothers too, so a trip to the library was needed to refresh our book collection.  These are some of our choices...

L = First 100 words by Richard Priddy, Dear Zoo, Usbourne Noisy Farm
J = Tabby Mctat, The cat in the Hat, Green eggs and ham
N = Robin Hood and he is about to try reading, Spy Pups series
B = Mr Gum books

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