Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Week 5 and camping....

Well week 5 has been a mini week for us, this is because daddy is off from Wednesday and we're going camping with our family of churches!

Monday - we met with a friend and went to boscombe gardens, which is great for young families
Tuesday - packing for camping and making cakes, kids watched a lot of TV - i know not very good for them but they were safely entertained.
Wednesday - Family day and my sister and her family are coming down. They are having a mini break at our house, living by the coast, as well as dog, cat and hamster sitting.

So packing for camping was not easy - especially with a broken finger....  Also we have a zafira but as a family of 6 we fit in it and camping stuff as well - not so much.  We are quite thankful our church is taking a van and our neighbours (who are also going) had some room in their car to take extra. 

We are taking some food but are planning for me to go to Tesco and do food shopping with the little boys when we get there and daddy will put up tent with the older 2.  Might not be best plan, but as I've hurt my left hand and i still don't have feeling back properly in the right one from the food processor accident (and hubby gets a bit moody when putting up tent if i don't do it just as he wants) we figured this would be the better way.

I have checked the forecast and we're due some rain and dry days.  Unfortunately this just means lots of clothes.  I always get cold so have brought thermals, fleece PJ's 2 sleeping bags and have no doubt I'll probably still be cold.

This is our dinner menu:-

Thursday - spag bol (i'm making spag bol at home before we leave)
Friday - Sausage casserole (this has been made previously and frozen, so should be defrosted by dinner time)
Saturday - Tinned chicken tikka masala from tesco (actually quite a nice curry) I'll serve with rice and poppadoms
Sunday - Church BBQ but i also have a meal of tinned chicken sweet and sour (prev tried and is ok) which i'll serve with noodles and prawn crackers) I'm taking this meal as a back up incase kids won't eat bbq etc
Monday - we come home!

I have planned our meals so its just a case of heating up or boiling a pan of water.  I add the crackers/pops just to make it feel more yummy.  During the day I'll bring cereals for breakfast and as my asd child likes to have the same type of lunch everyday, it'll be sandwich, cheese and yogurt.  I'm planning on keeping food cool in the cooler.  I'll also bring some snacks and treats.  The cakes will go to our main church so we as a church will have cake and tea to share.  We have had to do some prep with our asd son for our trip and we have signed him to the Ark, which is an area for children with SEN and disabilities.  He has a specialist camhs nurse as his buddy so i am hoping he will settle into his kids work and allow us to attend the meetings.

I'm looking forward to spending time with God, getting great teaching, having fun with our church family together - perhaps not so keen on the camping part... However the boys are very excited to be camping....

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