Monday, 20 August 2012

Week 4 of the hols

Well as you have read from previous post, we've decided to stay in during the week unless we have help.  This week our friends were on holiday so its an indoor week.  This is what we've been upto....

Monday - Play (housework) and archery activity
Tuesday - remote control car outside in muga (multi use games area just opposite our house) and crafts
Wednesday - painting and stamping (when dry) playing in the garden
Thursday - remote control car in muga, homework, and games ie magnetic pictures and battleships
Friday - Out in the garden and building a den, playing games ie build a beetle

Tuesday I felt emotionally quite drained after Mondays events but I tried hard to be positive.  Then I had the inevitable phone call from the short breaks company.  From this conversation they had decided to pull Brandon from his future activities because they feel they can't meet his needs (even though they are for disabled children) they didn't state whether they would refund me but i'm too weak to ask.  They deal with a wide range of disabilities but they are not trained in the area where B needs support.  They did try and be positive and would like to meet with him and find a suitable activity for him for October half term.  I held it together quite well during the conversation.  Afterwards it just felt so sad, another opportunity for him to socialise was gone and rest bite for the rest of the family was now finished.  It just felt that our world of what we could do is getting even smaller.  I did pick up towards the end of the day because there is nothing that can be changed so I just have to adjust - there is no give up or can't cope option.  I sat and wrote a list of planned indoor activities and thought about scheduling our day so it is filled with worthwhile pursuits.  I also started to think about the best way to teach him how to deal with conflicts etc and started to devise a plan - Its not easy, I'm not a teacher have no prior knowledge or experience with autism but I know some basics from the early bird course, so I use this as my foundation. 

If you're wondering where my strength comes from to carry on, its God:

Isaiah 40 'i will give power to the weak and strength to the weary'

When I feel weak I remember this verse and put my faith in it, God will supply my needs - he gave me our children not to harm but for good - I will trust in Him, that his word is true and that this will happen.

The weekend was filled out and about doing different activities.  It was great to have Jon around.   We're off camping next week away with our church for the annual church network gathering - known as Together at Westpoint.  We're part of New Frontiers churches. Looking forward to having this time together but lots of planning to happen first....

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