Saturday, 1 September 2012

Week 6

Well our camping weekend didn't go quite as expected, so we have been quite exhausted and just been recovering.  This week has mainly been a catch up on jobs week.  We also had to take B to Drs for assessment for his statement - thankfully it timed well with Jon being at home.  They have also referred us to CAMHs team for additional support, inbetween our consultant appointments.
Wednesday - housework and dog agility trail
Thursday - games (my oldest has discovered Cluedo) and play-do session
Friday - barbers for the older ones, hairdressers for the younger 2
I can't believe this is week 6 of the hols! I have been busy labelling and getting all the uniform bits together for school next week, as well as catching up on the mountain of ironing from being away.  My children seem to have just got used to the lazy starts this week and L has even laid in bed till 7.30! It could be of course due to the fact its getting darker in the mornings....
Jaden's birthday is next week so have been prepping everything this week as i know next week is going to be busy.  He also seems to have had a mini growth spurt so I've been sorting out the next size clothes for him to wear.  I'm in 2 minds whether to put the summer clothes away, its been an appalling summer - weather wise - will it get better and will we get that Indian summer? The last few days have been really cold I've been wearing my boots and a big thick cardigan, even thought about putting the heating on.....
Mentally i don't quite feel ready for the school life to resume, for packed lunches, school runs and pick ups, homework, different practises, child starting in reception - the thought of starting it all over again makes me want to hide under the duvet....  So this weekend I'm planning on having a restful weekend at my mums (by myself) and hoping this gives me the break i needed to keep on going and embrace all that September brings.

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