Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Week 7 and we're done

Well i suppose its really week 6 and a half of the summer holidays....
I had a great weekend at my mums, it was great doing nothing and relaxing - I so needed just to be still and so needed, not to be needed.  It was also amazing not having to think about dinner/lunches etc and then clearing up from meals etc.  It was bliss to just have an afternoon nap...
Back to reality then...
Monday - Housework (well attempted) and Bourne Valley walk
Tuesday - last day of the hols, i let the kids choose what they wanted so after they all had computer and DS time, we made rocky road, scootering, finished off some homework, read stories, a sticker book, played toys and made a den in the living room.
I am feeling better about the school run - all school stuff ready to go - I love how white, new shirts look and i must remember to make an 'in head' photo of how nice they'll look on their first day back - as come hometime, their new shoes will be scuffed and somehow they drew on the arm of thier short sleeve shirt, the frube will have exploded down the front and even though i oxy white hot wash them, it just won't be the same next time its on.
I think N is feeling gutted he has to go back to school, he'd rather the hols would go on for longer.  B is not really commenting on how he feels but judging by todays events... I'd say he's feeling anxious. I'm hoping the lure of seeing his friends will make it ok in the morning.  Also i'm thankful I have some help in the morning too, with my younger children (just in case).  Its hard not to feel anxious but they pick up on your mood so i'm just gonna have to put on my happy no nonsense face and get on with it.  I can't quite believe the summers over and that the autumn term has begun. I will miss the leisurely starts, not having the stress of being at places at certain times and i'll miss having the children around.
However, what I do like about this time of year, is it feels like new beginnings (even though its 3/4s of the year through) and its the run up to Christmas!!!!!  Also there are lots of birthdays for us, so lots of reasons to celebrate and have fun.


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