Saturday, 8 September 2012

My Boy J is now 5!!!

Well September has come, my little boy J has now turned 5 and starts school next week....
He had a great birthday and this is what we did;
Woke up, got ready (washed, teeth and dressed) downstairs to open presents - very exciting when you're 5! especially when you've asked for a chocolate coin maker :)
He chose his breakfast - pancakes with fresh fruit with hot chocolate to drink.  Took the older boys to school, picked up party bags and met friends at Giggles.  We stayed there for about 3 hours, had lunch and he had a great time playing.  It was really quiet and he practically had the play centre to himself with his friends. 
After lunch we came home and made chocolate coins, then picked up the older children from school.  Played with some more presents, had dinner - J chose cheesy pasta - his favourite.  We waited for daddy to come home and then did the cake - a Lego cake (not my finest creation) however J recognised it as a Lego brick and he was excited, so that's all that matters.  We then finished the day with a very bubbly bubble bath (thanks Becky for the bubble bath gift) and he read a story from his new book (yes surprised me too, as i didn't realise he'd picked up so many words).  He went to sleep quite quickly (as did mummy) as it was a tiring packed full day!
I can't quite believe those first 5 years have gone!

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