Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Dedication Day

Well its mothers day and my boys were very excited to bring me their cards and gifts.  They had made some gorgeous cards (with the help of school/playschool) and even made me a heart out of their Lego bricks.  They made me (with daddy's help) a lovely cup of tea (Last year I had yucky soggy cereal and advised Jon steer them away from this and a tea would be great!) I loved how excited they were to show me what they had made and to give lots of cuddles and kisses! Jon had done a great job in teaching our sons how to show appreciation with joy.  Jon even got me a card to say what a great mother he thought i was - It is great to be appreciated.  I know some people think of mothers day as just commercialism but I think its good to show people you appreciate them - and living in a house full of men, its easier for them if its an official day.

I woke up feeling really excited as L was being dedicated today! We do not christen our children as believe baptism is a commitment that you should make when you are older and of your own choice.  The dedication is when we declare our public commitment, along with the help of the church, to raise our children up to know God.  Everyday is a dedication really, but its nice to have an official day to celebrate!

I had pale blue crosses and white themed table wear and had made a pretty cake - I know as my sons grow older they never request a pretty cake for special occasions so thought as he's too young to complain, a pretty one it will be.  Our extended families (parents, siblings and their spouses their children and an aunt & uncle) had travelled down to celebrate this special occasion.  They aren't Christians and do not attend any churches.  They felt really welcomed and loved the worship (music in their words).  They also commented on how friendly everyone was and how caring the church is.  They found some parts of the word hard to digest - but that led to discussion and left them thinking... 

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